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Mindset Breakthrough System

A Step By Step Program to an Amazing Life Transformation

Learn How to Create the Freedom in Your Life to Have it All!
• Unlimited Wealth and Prosperity 
• A NEW Mindset to bring Joy, Happiness and Abundance into your Life
 Re calibrate and focus your life. 
The Mindset Breakthrough System 
is an innovative  life changing program for people who are in a state of confusion or a rut in their lives. 
Is your life spiraling out of Control and you can’t seem to change it?
Do you keep trying harder and harder without seeing results?
Do you feel like a victim and that everything bad keeps happening to you?
Do you judge or are you critical of most people and resent them for their success?
Would you like to be able to create anything that you think about?
Are you fed up with same old...same old?
Do you want to take charge of your life?
The Mindset Breakthrough System is a Comprehensive Program designed for creating Your Life Your Way.

It is is my seminal course on mastering your thoughts to fully and completely re calibrate and focus your life. Being in control of your mind and what you are constantly thinking is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. You can't expect to have a different result in your life if you continue to have the same thoughts, judgments and beliefs that got you to where you are now. That would be insanity"

Who this program is for:
Who this program is for:
  •  Who are willing to Take Action to Create the Life that they want
  •  Committed to making a Significant Lasting Change in the way they think Feel and act
  •  Who Want to Create Joy, Happiness and Love as they live in Non-Resistance 
  •  Want to Silence the Voice in their Head
  •  Are not willing to take Action to Change their life !
  •  People who are Set in Their Way
  •  Are willing to Accept all of the Drama and Trama in their lives
What You Will Get from this Program:
        i.      Learn to Live in Non Resistance
        ii.     Learn to Create your Life Your Way
        iii.    Find Your Purpose and How to Live that in the world
        iv.    Create financial and Career Success.
        v.     Have a healthy body
        vi.    Create an Inner connection
        vii.   And much much more

All of this is great except there is one thing missing. In order for you to Create Change in Your Life, you must be aware of What You Want, Where You Are and you must really know How Committed to this Change that you are.
For this reason I have included my catalyst course, The AQ DQ Program (The Awareness and Desire Program)
The Mindset Breakthrough System  removes old blocks, perceptions, and beliefs that have caused self-doubt and living a Life less than you deserve and are capable of experiencing. There are many specific exercises and tools that will bring you to the awareness of your capability and magnificence.
“Every coach needs a coach.”

Mindset & Inner Connection System - The MindSet Breakthrough System: Change Your thoughts, Change Your Life
The Mindset Breakthrough System is Esateys’ seminal work and will teach you how to master your Mindset so you can create anything that you want in your life. Your Mindset is the key to ending conflict, resistance and stress in your life.

What you think, what you say, how you act, how you see things determine what you create and experience in your life.  Old programs and beliefs, conscious or unconscious are what is shaping and determining your life and all of the things in it. You are not a victim, you are the creator of your life and only you can change that.

In Esateys’ Ground Breaking Program, the Mindset Breakthrough System, you will learn "The Nine Keys to Massive Change."    This proprietary system is a step by step blueprint that shows you how to Master Your Mind, Master your Thoughts and how to implement effective proven systems and solutions for you to create your life the way you want it to be. Are you ready to become the “Architect of the New You”, Now?

You will learn about what Esateys Calls the “The Game Called Life” and how to live it Fully Empowered and Energized from your deepest wisdom
You will most definitely be taken “Beyond Where Your Mind Knows To Go.”

This Powerful and Life-Changing Program has eight step by step modules that are approximately 45 to 60 minutes each and full transcripts for you to create your own personal road map for you to review and check your progress.

Putting It All Together - The Game Called AQ DQ Impacting Massive Change Starts Here
Awareness, Desire, and Commitment are the Keys to us getting what we really want. Without any of these,  we cannot move forward effectively in our desire for change.

They are the glue to making the Ultimate Life Breakthrough System a cohesive system for change, happiness, and prosperity. It is great to have the understanding and information about how to be able to create change in our lives, but actually achieving what we want is impossible with being Aware of and being Committed to getting what we want.

Do you think anyone could climb Mount Everest without an absolute commitment and desire to reach the top?

Awareness, Desire, and commitment is the gas that makes all change possible and brings the Ultimate Life Breakthrough System to Life.

This program contains powerful teachings and an Awareness tool for you to determine your level of commitment and therefore your chances for success at any given moment.

Come back to this program often, it is extremely powerful.
Here’s Your Next Step!
By now, you know if this program can help you. You know if  it will change your life, and help you achieve greater wealth, have happier relationships, and ultimately have a better look on life. 

Get Started Today!
Take action and Join Me in the adventure of your Life Now . 
Allow yourself to live in wealth and abundance, fully
connected in all of your relationships and to yourself. All it
takes is a shift of perception and mountains will move for
you. I promise.

4 X $119


“The Mindset Breakthrough ” has been created and proven to provide all you need to increase Your Sense of Well Being and experience "Loving the Life that you Live!!!” A Complete reset of your

◘ Personal and Business Relationships
◘ Wealth Acceleration in every area of your Life
◘ Reset “The Voice” in Your Head

IIf you listen to and implement all of the wisdom, tools, information in each program and you follow through with everything that my 30+ years of successful training and coaching has shown repeated success with and still do not get results, I will refund your money. 

No Questions Asked

—C. C., Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Atlanta, GA
—-C. C., Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Atlanta, GA
"Esateys is a life changing presence. She holds a space for us in which a vortex of transformative energies raise our consciousness, free us from dysfunctional patterns and connect us with our inner wisdom sources."
Darlene S.
  Warren, Michigan USA 
—-C. C., Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Atlanta, GA
"Well, I listened to your amazing video for the 4th --- or maybe 5th --- time. The first time I was awestruck and couldn't find words to express what I was feeling. I knew in my heart that it was Truth. It resonated with me on a very deep level.
Thank you sooo much for your love and dedication. You are an absolute treasure in my life.  is a life changing presence. She holds a space for us in which a vortex of transformative energies raise our consciousness, free us from dysfunctional patterns and connect us with our inner wisdom sources."
Esateys Stuchiner
My name is Esateys and I am an expert in the human condition. For over 30 years I have been teaching, counselling and coaching thousands in how to find joy and happiness in their life. I support people in breaking free of old patterns and programs that keep them stuck in a life of misery, chaos and malaise.

In my many years of practice I have identified and worked with 3 essential components that are core in creating Massive Breakthrough in your Life. Each element is critical and will achieve significant results when mastered. The key to Ultimate Freedom and Breakthrough, however, is mastering all three components which work together to create unimaginable joy and happiness.

If you are here reading this right now, there is some part of you that has a longing for more; more happiness, more connection or more success.
Do you have the desire (or the need) to be or do something more, perhaps an unfulfilled purpose or passion?
Now is the time to take action on creating Your Life, Your Way!!! Become the Architect of the New YOU NOW!!!! What do you have to lose? 
Rafael Stuchiner
Rafael Stuchiner is a recovering tax attorney from New York City who left his world of business, real estate and finance in 2001 to come and work with Esateys in developing their collective vision of what life could be life as connected individuals and ultimately as a connected couple.
At first Rafael and Esateys were friends. Esateys was Rafael’s teacher. Over the years their relationship blossomed. When they married in 2005 they intentionally created a unified vision and model for their relationship. Over the years they have worked together creating and producing an enormous amount of work that has benefited countless thousands.
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